Music for Sunday: December 16, 2018 - The Third Sunday of Advent

7:30 am - Holy Eucharist Rite I

Organ Voluntary:  Voluntary on “Winchester New” C. S. Lang

Processional Hymn #59

Kyrie Eleison        S-91        Healey Willan

Gradual Hymn #76

Sanctus/Benedictus        S-114        Healey Willan

Recessional Hymn #72

9:00 am Holy Eucharist Rite II

Organ Voluntary: Voluntary on “Winchester New” C. S. Lang

Processional Hymn #59

Song of Praise: “Christ is coming: Prepare the way!” Edwin V. Bonnemere [words /L.6]

Gradual Song: “People of the night” David Haas [print music on insert /GC.346]

Offertory Song: “Canticle of the Turning” Rory Cooney [words /GC.527]

Sung by the Celebration Choir

Sanctus/Benedictus  - Rob Glover [print words /GC.303]

Fraction Anthem :  “The Disciples knew the Lord Jesus” Jack Warren Burnam [words /WLP.876]

Communion Song:  “Prepare ye the Way”  James E. Moore Jr. [words /L.11]

Recessional Song: “On Jordan’s Bank” Gary Miles [print music on insert  /C.127]

11:15 - Choral Eucharist Rite II

Organ Voluntary:  Voluntary on “Winchester New” C. S. Lang

Processional Hymn #59

Kyrie Eleison (Lord, have mercy)        S-96        Franz Schubert

Gradual Hymn #76

Offertory Anthem: “Christ the Appletree” Stanford Scriven

Sung by the Cathedral Choir

The tree of life my soul hath seen,

Laden with fruit, and always green:

The trees of nature fruitless be

Compared with Christ the apple tree.

His beauty doth all things excel:

By faith I know, but ne’er can tell

The glory which I now can see

In Jesus Christ the apple tree.

For happiness I long have sought,

And pleasure dearly I have bought:

I miss'd of all: but now I see

’Tis found in Christ the apple tree.

This fruit doth make my soul to thrive,

It keeps my dying faith alive;

Which makes my soul in hast to be

With Jesus Christ the apple tree.


I’m weary with my former toil

Here I will sit and rest awhile:

Under the shadow I will be

Of Jesus Christ the apple tree.

                Joshua Smith Collection, New Hampshire, 1784

Sanctus/Benedictus         S-130        Franz Schubert, adapted by Richard Proulx

Fraction Anthem I        S-155        Gerald Near

Fraction Anthem II: “My Flesh is food indeed” Ray W. Urwin [S-169]

Communion Hymn #640

Recessional Hymn #72

Organ Voluntary: Fuga Magnificat Primi toni - Johann Pachelbel


Psalm 126

Isaiah 61: 1-4, 8-11

I Thessalonians 5: 16-24

St John 1: 6-8, 19-28